About the company

Hood Famous Projects is an automotive enthusiast-born company whose aim is to bring together and link people and businesses needed to pull off the perfect project car, motorcycle, or quad bike

 Few enthusiasts have the complete set of skills needed or a vast enough network of like-minded people to complete projects that are started. The internet is full of half-completed projects for sale and this could be for several reasons as finances or undertaking a build too elaborate to finish on a budget or lack of specialized parts or tools to see our dream come to life.

The list is endless and this is where we at Hood Famous Projects would like to bridge the gap. Follow us through our website and social media to see vehicles that we find for sale and also our in-house projects where we will highlight issues we encounter, spare shops we build relationships with to source what is needed, and the workshops we trust enough to help pull us out of the holes we sometimes find ourselves in due to lack of experience.

Cars for sale

For Sale

Often a decision to buy a particular car is based on what we have seen before either at a car show, on the road, or on the internet while browsing custom car builds. Though we at Hood Famous Projects prefer German-built vehicles, we do not always count out the unlimited possibilities that other car brands offer in terms of not only customization but also reliability, comfort, safety, and style. We are always looking for great deals in buying motor vehicles and we have created a space just for this under our “Cars for Sale” section.

Here we will post cars from various manufacturers, from classics to new school cars and everything in between. We work closely with a select number of dealerships who have come to always have the kind of cars we and our network base are looking for. Keep an eye out on our website and social media to see if we come across something you might like.

Car Care

You put a lot of effort into taking care of your vehicle, but everyday wear and tear is almost impossible to avoid. Rims are especially exposed and can get scratched and damaged very easily. We help you keep your vehicle in showroom condition.

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